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Fall Family Portraits: Why are they so special?

Ah, October sessions. The best days only last a few weeks.

These sessions are coveted not only for their scarcity, but the beauty if the images that are created during a fall session can be unmatched.

Why are they great for families with small children? The weather is so much cooler so those kiddos tend to last a little longer in the session. No one (except your photographer- *wink*wink*) is sweating.

Typically, we schedule our fall sessions during the mid to late summer months. Each client has a Portrait Journey that includes a Pre Booking Call to ensure we are a good fit, a Session Planning Meeting to decide what artwork we are creating and what everyone is going to wear, their Portrait Session date, and an Ordering Appointment to choose their final products.

As a full service portrait studio, we guide you from beginning to end to help you make all the right choices along the way!

family portrait in ohio
Kennedy Family Portrait

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