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Child Portraits with Elegance & Personality

Whether you choose a Simple Session or an Heirloom Session, you can expect stunning results.

Whether your baby is small or if they are taller than you... Each moment, each year... is meaningful. 

Hiring a professional portrait photographer ensures you will have artwork that will remind you of every stage in your child's life. The years truly fly by. 

Together we will CREATE ARTWORK that will line the walls of your home. 

With over 20 years of experience in the portrait industry, you can trust that Kerra will work with your child to get the best images for your artwork. Whether you choose a Simple Session or an Heirloom Session, we will create breathtaking portraits you will love. 

Wherever you are in your life's journey... take the next step to your Portrait Session by SCHEDULING A DISCOVERY CALLDuring your call, we will discuss which session best fits your needs. Be sure to browse the Image Gallery to get inspired for your session! 

"Mrs. Fischer creates world-class art, and I don't know how I could possibly explain the beautiful images she has created for us. We have asked her to photograph our family numerous times, and each time she has managed to not only capture our kids' personalities, but also craft images beyond what we could have ever expected. Investing in her work is a gift you continue to give yourself for years, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

~M. Lawson


What STYLE best fits your child?  Sometimes, just the SIMPLE look is perfect and sometimes we want to tell a whole story. When considering the STYLE of your session, think about where the images will live and what goes best with the age of your child. Not sure? That's ok! Portrait Artwork Consultant is one of our many hats! During your Discovery Call we will go over what is perfect for you! Take a look at the galleries below to get some inspiration!


The Classic & Modern Studio look can be on our Modern White or Classic Textured setting, photographed in black and white or in color for a dynamic look. This style is available for both a Simple Session and an Heirloom Session.

The Color Pop look is available for a Simple Session and an Heirloom Session. Choose from our variety of vibrant colors to show off your child's personality!

The Painterly style is wonderful for children and can really create a storybook essence and fine art look to your images. This style is available with an Heirloom Session. 


The Outdoor & On Location option works well for children who are age 5 and older. Whether we keep it local in Chillicothe or travel to  Columbus, Cincinnati, Westerville, or Lancaster... you have so many amazing options to choose from! Have an idea for a special Outdoor location? Mention it during your Session Planning Meeting! This style is available for an Heirloom Session.