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What matters most to you? Quality? Service? Making sure the photographer you choose "gets you"? Do you want to be sure you are going to look amazing for your senior portraits? Do you want images that WOW your friends and family?


We totally get it.... our senior photography service is not for everybody....

And that's ok. 

Our service exists for those teens and parents who want NEXT LEVEL portraits.

It is for those who aren't afraid to ROCK their style. Those who aren't afraid to STAND OUT and BE BOLD.


That statement doesn't mean you have to be runway ready... if you are a little shy or unsure, Kerra will guide you through the photography process with ease. We love working with "everyday people". Bringing out the best in you and showing you just how amazing you are! You will have images that can be stand alone Wall Art or cause your friends and family to exclaim "That girl/boy should be a model!" With over 20 years in the portrait industry, she will guide you in creating images that will make you smile and be PROUD of your senior portraits!

When working with Kerra, you will collaborate on the portrait session that focuses on creating images that are unique to who you are. During your Complimentary Consultation, you will discuss what Level of Service works best for your needs. Then we will deep dive into styling and session planning. When, where, how many looks... ALL the fun details!

Parents: Don't worry! We know your teen is going to want to share their images on social media. We've got you covered for those "Senior Sunday" moments. We also know you how fast this year will go by and how important having beautiful, high quality printed artwork is for your home. When they have taken their step into the adult world, you can forever look back at your Wall Art and Portrait Album to take you back to the time when they were still in your home.

These moments matter and this year will go by...SO FAST.

Give them an experience you won't regret. 

Take the first step by SCHEDULING YOUR CONSULTATION by filling out the form below. 

You will see our THREE Levels of Service. During your meeting, we will discuss what best fits your needs. Be sure to browse the Image Gallery to make sure our style fits what you love!

See you soon!

"I knew that first day that we sat in the studio that K. Fischer Portraits was the best place to get our daughter’s senior portraits done. The talent and unique ideas along with Kerra’s lightheartedness made photo sessions fun and exciting. Senior portraits by K. Fischer Portraits do not disappoint and I’m so happy we made the decision to trust her with capturing these moments in time."

~K. Woods

Choose your "LEVEL OF SERVICE"...

Every teen and every family is different. We understand this and want to accommodate you as best we can with your portrait investment. We offer THREE OPTIONS for your senior portrait session.

The Experience Session is a fun day planned around capturing the multiple facets of who you are. You will be photographed in multiple locations, with up to 6 outfits and truly get the most out of this special day! Professional hair and makeup services and destination locations may be added to this session. This is the MOST POPULAR option.

The Simple Session is geared toward those who are looking for a shorter session that still offers top tier images. Your session will last no longer than one hour, you will be in and out and still look great! Choose up to two outfits for this Level of Service. 

The Custom Session is for building your senior portrait experience from the ground up. Pick and choose just what you want. (An in person meeting is required for a Custom Session...there's lots to discuss!)  


During your Consultation Meeting, we will talk about each option and finalize what works best for you. We offer Custom Payment Plans for your convenience. Don't hesitate to ask about how we have worked with others during your Consultation Meeting! We are proud to serve families of all budget ranges


-Studio & Outdoor Locations (Local)

-Up to 6 Outfits/Looks

-24 Inch Framed Metal Wall Art

-30 Image Luxury Portrait Album

-10 Printable Digital Images

-20% Discount for A la Carte Menu


($500 due at booking)

Add professional hair and makeup service for $150

Add travel fee for Columbus, Cincinnati, Westerville, or other custom destination. Starting at $150.


-Studio OR Outdoor Location (Local)

-1-2 Outfits/Looks

-18 Inch Framed Metal Wall Art

-5 Printable Digital Images


($300 due at booking)

Customize your final order with our

A la Carte Menu. Fine Art Prints, Folios, Albums and Wall Art are available.

Travel & hair/makeup services are not available with this option.


Let's plan exactly what you want!

Booking Fees start at $300

Fine Art Prints start at $175

Wall Art starts at $600

Albums start at $1950

Folio Collections start at $1950

Travel Fees start at $150

Hair & Makeup Services start at $150

We will build a Custom Experience just for you!.

*Requires in person Session Planning Meeting*

*PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.* When you schedule your session, you will be locked into your pricing menu. Nothing will change after you schedule your appointment. You may choose to pay in full or enter into a payment plan. 

Schedule Consultation


Your STYLE matters. We can create images that fit almost any vibe. Our fully stocked portrait studio with the latest in lighting equipment and technology and our ability to go to almost any location, allow us to serve you and create images that capture who you are at this pivotal moment in your life.


Take a look at images we have created for others in the galleries below.


The Classic & Modern Studio look can be on our white, black or textured setting, photographed in black and white or in color for a dynamic look.


The Outdoor & On Location option has the most dynamic range for your portraits. Your Outdoor options include Columbus, Cincinnati, Westerville, Chillicothe, and Lancaster! Have an idea for a special Outdoor location? Mention it during your Complimentary Consultation! If we can make something work, we absolutely will! We can go to so many places!

The Painterly Studio look is perfect for those who want that upscale old masters painting feel to their images.


Finally, the Unique category... do you have something truly different in mind? Or...are you open to being styled in a completely new way? Let's collaborate to create to create something fun and unexpected. BE BOLD.