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Top Three Reasons to hire a professional photographer for your senior portraits.

Updated: May 11, 2023

My clients have been burned before. They hired a quick and cheap friend of a friend to photograph them. After their experience they realized that all photographers are NOT the same. That is why I created this post so you can understand WHY you should hire a professional photographer. You will have zero regrets after your portrait session!


  1. They have experience in your genre. A professional photographer is not someone who is using their cell phone or just went out and purchased a "nice" camera with no knowledge of how it actually works. A professional should have years of experience photographing their intended genre. This means, a senior portrait photographer has experience working with other teens and can help you through the whole process.

  2. They have a process. When you choose a professional photographer they own and manage a legitimate business. This means you won't have to wait or hope you will get your images in a timely manner. Your professional photographer will make sure you understand the process step by step. You will know when you will be photographed, how you will be photographed, how much your starting investment will be and when you can expect to have your finished artwork. Professionals take PRIDE in their work and ensure their clients are well cared for.

  3. Quality. The old saying is, you get what you pay for. My clients value quality and a top notch experience. When you hire a true professional, you can rest assured that quality is at the top of their mind. Then you will have NO REGRETS.

When it really matters, you hire a professional.

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