Portrait Session Prep List!

During your Design Consultation we will go over all the details of your session including your styling, location, and product purchasing options.  Here is a checklist to help you all those details and how to be prepared for the day or your Portrait Session Appointment and your Portrait Reveal Appointment.

Portrait Session Appointment

  • Clothing selections chosen.  Be sure to try everything on BEFORE your session so you know they fit properly.

  • Clothing clean and wrinkle free

  • Matching Shoes (clean)

  • Nails clean/polished.  If you toes are showing, have them clean/polished as well.

  • Legs and underarms shaved (ladies).

  • Trimmed facial hair (men).

  • Stray eyebrows plucked.  If you get them done professionally do not do it the day before or same day to avoid redness.

  • Proper matching undergarments..  Strapless bra, light colored panties.

  • Jewelry/Accessories

  • If you have a professional hair and makeup appointment come with a clean face and hair, ready to be pampered!

  • For babies/small children bring a diaper bag with all their accessories.

  • Google our location ahead of time to make you allocate enough travel time. 

  • SNACKS!  Make sure you and your children have food and drinks beforehand. Bring snacks if necessary.

  • Don't forget to be EXCITED for your fun day!!

Portrait Reveal Appointment

  • Review the Printed Products Menu

  • Make a list of any outside family members you will be buying printed products for. Be detailed in what size and material you would like to gift them. (example:  Grandma gets an 8x10 print).

  • Make a list of items you would like to display in your home.

  • Measure your wall space to see what wall art sizes you have room for. Feel free to take a cell phone picture to bring to your appointment so we can review what style works best as well. (Metal, Framed, Fine Art, etc.)

  • If you are matching a size from a previous session, be sure to measure the image you already have hung so we have the right dimensions. Take a photo of that photo so we can matching styling and color as well.

  • Make sure ALL financial decision makers are present at your Reveal Appointment.  The day of your appointment you will receive a 20% discount. Anything ordered after that date is not discounted. 

  • Get ready to LOVE all of the beautiful images we created!