Portrait Session Details

Session Fee:  $1500 (plus tax)

What's Included?

~In Person Design Consultation

~Expert Styling advice and use of the studio closet. (couture gowns available for rent).

~Fully customized professional portrait session.

~Up to 4 outfits and the option for in studio and local outdoor locations.

(travel locations also available. Fees apply.)

~25 Fully Retouched High Resolution Digital Files

~Keepsake Proof Folio Box with 4x6 prints of each of your finished images and a Crystal USB with your finished digital files. 

~In Person Reveal Appointment with the option to order from our Printed Products Menu.

The session fee included a session for ONE person. Additional people are $100 each not to exceed $500.  This means if you have a family of 7, you will pay no more than the $500 fee.  If you have larger families, please inquire for a custom quote.  Also note that the more people you have, the less outfits we include overall. We will discuss this in detail during your Initial Contact Phone Appointment.  Be sure to have any specific questions ready. 

Session Add-On Options

Multiple Subject Fee

  $100 per person

Multiple subject sessions can take longer to photograph and require more retouching overall. They may result in a gallery that includes more than 25 images. The fee helps to cover the cost of the extra time.

Professional Hair and Makeup

  $130 per person

This service is HIGHLY recommended for all teen and adult subjects. The hair and makeup artist will set up in our studio and together we will create a look you will love. Even if you do not normally wear makeup, having the polished look for professional portraits is recommended.  

Travel Fee 

  Starting at $100

Any session taking place over 20 minutes away from the studio will incur a travel fee. Depending on the location there may be a higher fee (2-3 hour drive or more).  For Destination sessions you will be given a custom quote.

Couture Gown Rental 

  Starting at $75

We have an ever growing Studio Closet that includes lots of whole outfits and outfit add-ons to complete your look that are complimentary. We also offer Couture Gowns to rent in studio and gowns that we can help you find from a variety of rental retailers.  During your Design Consultations we will go over these options with you.

Our Process

After many years in the professional portrait industry we have created a streamlined process that is highly beneficial for our clients. In our experience every client always LOVES all of their portraits!  Not a bad problem to have. We are always sad when clients have to eliminate images that were created just for them.  Not anymore!  With our new process you will get ALL of the portraits created for you!  Why waste anyone's time or go through the painful process of elimination?  You will get all of your images and have the OPTION to add Printed Products. The best solution for everyone! We will walk you through every step of your portrait creation journey!


Once you have made the awesome decision to hire K. Fischer Portraits for your photography session, you will fill out a Client Submission Form. This is a questionnaire with lots of discovery questions. We want to get to know you!  What you love, what you don't love, how you want to be photographed and much more!  Submit your form and Kerra will be in touch to schedule your Initial Contact Phone Appointment. We know you are busy and will schedule a time on our calendar to go over any initial questions you may have. Hopefully this section helps to cover most of those questions!  Kerra will go over all the information submitted on your form, so be sure to give as much detail as possible!


When you are ready to schedule your portrait session, Kerra will send your Initial Deposit Invoice ($250) and our Portrait Contact. We will go over all the details of this process during our phone conversation. Your invoice is due within 24 hours of receipt.  No appointment dates will be held without the deposit. We will schedule your preferred portrait appointment date AND your In Person Design Consultation to plan your portrait session in detail. 


Each person has a unique vision for their portrait session. Because of this, we will schedule an in person meeting to go over clothing styling options, location options, overall aesthetic for your session, available printed product options from our Printed Products Menu and more!  You can view and try on clothing items available in our Studio Closet to use during your session. We have a variety of options for girls and women. The closet is always expanding!  We add more options all the time!  We will also go over clothing rental options and discuss all our favorite brands to help you get the look you want. When we are finished you will be fully prepared for your photography session!  You will get a copy of our Printed Product Menu to review for any additional purchases.  Your second portrait deposit will be due at your In Person Design Consultation ($250).


Your day has arrived!  Time to enjoy the fun process of creating your professional portraits!  Arrive at the studio at your appointment time either ready to be photographed or ready to get pampered with our professional hair and makeup artist. During your session, Kerra will direct your in posing and photograph a variety of images, setups, and locations to ensure you get a maximum variety. The goal is to create the best images possible!  Your third deposit will be due the day of your portrait session ($500).


When we are finished with your portrait session we will schedule your Reveal Appointment. This appointment is generally scheduled between 3-4 weeks after your portrait session. During this time Kerra will select the top 25 images created during your session and fully retouch each image. This includes blemish removal, skin smoothing (natural not plastic), slimming if necessary, teeth whitening, any background correction, and many more steps to create the most "perfect" image. With years of experience, Kerra will make sure each image is finished to the highest quality.  Per your session details, some images may receive a fine art style portrait process that renders a painterly quality. All images created are Inspired by YOU.  


GET EXCITED!  This is the day you get to see all the beautiful finished portraits!  You will come to the studio to view a custom created slideshow set to music. If your babies are on that screen, be sure to have a tissue handy!  During your Reveal Appointment you will get your Keepsake Proof Box with your 4x6 prints and your Crystal USB with the 25 images already loaded!  We will go over the Printed Product Menu and you can decide what printed items you would like to add to your order. The Printed Product Menu is absolutely OPTIONAL. You are not obligated to purchase any more items from the studio. We do highly recommend you choose to print your images with us, as we guarantee the quality from our professional lab. To help out with this choice you will receive a 20% discount on the Printed Product Menu the day of your Reveal Appointment.  Your items will be ordered and all of your finished products will be sent directly to your home!  Be sure to send us a snapshot when you get that beautiful Wall Art hung!  Your final payment plus your additional items from the Printed Products Menu is due the day of your Reveal Appointment. If you choose to purchase lots of additional items, you will have the option to enter into a Payment Plan. We take pride in being flexible so that our clients can get just what they want!  If you choose not to purchase any additional items the day of your Reveal Appointment, the items go back to full price and can be purchased up to 3 months after your appointment. 

Our process is truly streamlined so that YOU can get the most from your session with NO HARD DECISIONS!  Are you ready to fill out your Client Submission Form?  Click that button to get started!

Still not sure? We get it!  Investing in professional photography can be a big decision.  If you would like to schedule a phone call to go over any questions, please submit a Contact Form and Kerra will follow up with you to go over any questions you may have!