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Here we will walk you through what to wear, what to bring, and other helpful tips and tricks for your BEST senior portrait session experience!  By following these guidelines, you will look and feel your best!


This topic is WIDELY varying.  Your final outfit selections are based on your personality, what works best with your skin tone, the time of year and your chosen photography locations.  Here , we will highlight some general tips. During your Design Consultation we will map out exactly the looks you are going for and what outfits to find if you do not already have them. Currently we are adding to our STUDIO CLOSET. Ladies (for now) will have the option to utilize items from our closet for free during your portrait session. Sometimes we add a jacket or some accessories and sometimes you will find whole outfits that you will love to complete your overall looks. The most important thing is Kerra is here to help you every step of the way. 


  • Choose outfits that are season specific when being photographed outdoors.  

  • Jewel tones photograph the best. Pastel colors and white are fine for warmer skin tones, but jewel tones tend to look good on everyone!  Black is always classy!

  • Don't be afraid to select fun, funky outfits with personality!  This is the time to shine, don't choose every outfit in the most basic style. Let's play dress up!  (This is definitely why we have a STUDIO CLOSET).

  • AVOID WORDS... words on shirts or athletic logos are fine for everyday but do not translate well in professional photography. Unless you are doing an ad campaign for the brand... Cute sayings on shirts tend to bunch up and you can't even read them in the final image anyway. If you MUST have a shirt with a logo or other words, please send a snapshot for final approval. Every now and then, things just BAND TEES...those are cool. ;)

  • GET CLOTHES THAT FIT.  Flowy all over can make you look like a box. No one wants to look like a box. Even if you are curvy, too flowy makes you  look larger. It is easier in posing and retouching to apply slight slimming techniques to a fitted outfit.  On the opposite end of that... make sure nothing is too tight. You should be comfortable without anything extra hanging over everywhere. A little too big is always better than a little too small when choosing your clothing.  During your Design Consultation, you will be guided on these details as well. 

  • Be sure to have the ENTIRE outfit put together, including SHOES and accessories. Make sure the shoes you bring coordinate with your outfits and are CLEAN.  

  • STEAM OR IRON your clothes before your session. Make sure they are clean and wrinkle free!  Please do not stuff them in a garbage bag to bring to your session. Not good. 


Making sure your makeup is perfect on the day of your session is IMPERITIVE! Too much makeup is not flattering, too much highligter is a nightmare, improperly matched foundation is very hard to fix during retouching, misapplied lashes or lashes that are far to big are also....CRINGY.  I cannot stress the importance of having a great makeup application enough! If you do not choose to utilize the professional hair and makeup option through the studio, I would recommend practicing your makeup look either on your own OR doing a trial makeup session BEFORE the day of your portrait session.  After selecting which outfits and locations you will be using during your session, make sure your final makeup look goes well with everything. You do not want a super glam makeup look in a low key setting with basic clothing. Save the glam for a mostly glam wardrobe, etc. You will want to look back on these images and LOVE them not think...   OMG...what was I thinking?  We will talk to you about your options and help you with finding looks (if you are not sure) during your Design Consultation. 

Other helpful tips:

If you do not normally wear makeup, please do so for your portraits. You can absolutely do a subtle look that just enhances your natural beauty, but a nice smooth skin texture is WAY easier to work with during retouching. Also... DRY LIPS?  Use that chapstick, lip balm or a lip exfoliator before your session. Finally... MOISTURIZER!  It is your friend. Unless your skin is super oily, be sure to moisturize (and let it soak in) before applying that foundation so you have a smooth and not flaky application. 

Nails.... DO THEM!  Pick something neutral. Something that goes with your overall vibe. You can just paint them or get them professionally done before your session. Just be sure to come with them clean and manicured. No chipped polish. No month old acrylics with missing nails, etc. The goal is for you to look your absolute best!  If ever in doubt, reach out for guidance! I am always there to help you!

(If you choose to wear makeup, please also follow the above guidelines!)


  • DO YOUR NAILS! Don't forget your toenails!  If you are wearing open toed shoes make sure they your toenails match, have fresh polish or no polish at all. 

  • BROWS- Make sure they are recently groomed. DO NOT get them done the same day or day before your session to avoid redness. 


  • PROPER UNDERGARMENTS:  Strapless bras, sticky tape (ladies you know), matching panties (don't wear bright colored panties under white clothing, etc.),

  • LADIES: SHAVE YOUR LEGS AND UNDERARMS!  Nothing like a bunch of stubble showing that has to be removed in retouching. Not fun!

  • GUYS: Make sure your facial hair is well groomed/trimmed.  If you are due for a hair cut...get one!


  • IF YOU ARE GETTING PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKEUP AT THE STUDIO, COME WITH A CLEAN FACE!  None of yesterday's mascara, etc. Clean face and hair, ready to go!

  • FLOSS...the camera sees everything.

  • FINALLY.... BE READY TO HAVE FUN!!!  Your senior portrait experience is meant to be one you will always remember. We will listen to upbeat music, get out the magic hair fan and have tons of fun!  We will visit your favorite locations and together we will create the most amazing portraits of you!  It is going to be the BEST day!

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